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how will my food be packaged?

we create our food from scratch, then cool and seal it in a commercial chamber vacuum sealer.  when you pick it up, it will be sealed for freshness without oxygen, easy and compact for transport. 

Do I have to cook the food?

your meals will come fully cooked, packaged in our vacuum sealed bags—cold components like bbq sauce and salsas just need to be cut open and placed into your serving dishes.  food you want served hot—like meats and rice—just need to be reheated in simmering water.

Do you deliver?

currently we are limited to pickup, where you can load up from our kitchen during business hours. stay tuned for a delivery system to be worked out—in the meantime, if you need a custom pickup or a delivery quote, please contact us.

How much variety do you offer?

 we now offer 3 different meals at our current low pricing. as we grow, we  will be adding more, including stronger vegetarian and vegan options.  Also watch out for specials, like thanksgiving packages!


our story

During our several years of full service catering at Beehive— we have had requests for family reunions, camping trips, remote weddings, and other non-typical food serving arrangements.

Full-serve catering doesn't always make sense for some events, we created Beehive Provisions as a much needed solution for DIY and off-grid catering

For more about Jon and the team, click here

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