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{Provison menus}

find out more about a a few of our current menu options!
keep an eye out for specials!


our applewood slow-smoked pork and beef tri-tip
are just the beginning...
this meal also comes with garlic mashed red potatoes
+ made-from-scratch baked beans
rounded out with our sweet and tangy beehive bbq sauce

This was not just good smoked pork, it is world class smoked pork. I have been smoking meat for several years..  I have never been close to the quality Beehive presents. Their smoked pork is the best available which is saying something! 

Jay R, {provo ut}

street taco

carne asada and braised tomatillo chicken
+ mexican rice and slow cooked refried pinto beans
comes with our signature mild pico de Gallo 
+ a medium heat roasted tomatillo salsa
we throw in corn and flour tortillas,
bonus points for heating on a grill or griddle

The street tacos are amazing. Great food and people!

-Whitlock racing, {Santaquin UT}
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